Since about 20 years it’s been both our passion and profession to present celebrities and people with an outstanding commitment; to show new ideas and visions for present-day society; to look at foreign cultures and our everyday life from a different angle and discover the hidden treasures with our camera.

Our company competent filmproduktion was founded in 1994 by Ilona Kalmbach and Jürgen Bischoff, both journalists graduated from Dortmund university, and started out with TV documentaries around German cinema for the public networks ARD and ZDF. We continued by producing different biographic documentaries and thematic evenings for the German-French channel ARTE. Today, we work mostly on new trends in economy and society, e.g. the struggle for basic income and the commons, or the question of old age in Europe. We connect journalistic competence in a wide range of fields with empathy and a unique bond of trust to our protagonists.

In November 2011, we received the Juliane Bartel Media Prize for our documentary on the Turkish-German lawyer and human rights activist Seyran Ates.

(from left to right)

Ilona Kalmbach
 (producer and director)

Jürgen Bischoff 
(media journalist and production manager)

Sabine Jainski