The best is yet to come
A documentary series by Sabine Jainski and Ilona Kalmbach
3 x 52 Min.
arte / ZDF 2015

"Retirement? No thanks!"
We will find new definitions of work and retirement, and lifelong learning will play an important part in this process.
With dancer Fe Reichelt (90), senior expert André Vallette (77) and age researcher and former minister Ursula Lehr (85

"Let's move in together!"
Living together instead of staying alone and fearing isolation – Co-housing has to offer interesting solutions for old age.
With Co-housing projects “for the second half of life”: Färdknäppen and Dunderbacken (Stockholm, Sweden), for everybody: Les ToitMoiNous (Villeneuve d’Ascq, France), and for women: Beginenhof (Berlin, Germany)

"Love and other details"
“We didn’t know it was going to be so great!” We’ll have new relationships, new loves, and new perspectives from men and women.
With Thérèse Clerc, Waltraud von Soosten and Wilhelm Glandorf, Bibiana Schönleber and Wolfgang Lucht

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