Growing through sharing - The return of the Commons?
a film by Sabine Jainski, Jürgen Bischoff and Ilona Kalmbach
45 min
3sat 2013

This documentary is examining the management of common pool resources today: traditional resources like grazing lands in the Alps and in Africa, fish in the Northern Atlantic, soil and seeds in Germany and on the Philippines, but also other resources like silence, which is at stake in the discussions around Frankfurt Airport, and the struggle against the privatization of water and energy all through Europe. 

On the other hand, there is a new interest in commons management in the so-called Sharing economy: How can we share our knowledge, our music and images, our digital goods in a sustainable way? What can grow if we share? And how do we avoid a new enclosure of those commons?

Following the ideas of Nobel prize winner Elinor Ostrom, we travel through Europe and ask specialists as well as ordinary citizens: Is there a return of the Commons? Are human beings just following the route of individual success through competition - or on which conditions do they cooperate?